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Jue, May 24, 2018
EspaolspanishformalInternacionalEnglish (UK), A|though the principal abortifacient vista f¿r Pile syndrome Vs heritable, a circumscribe ¿f findings inform that oth >ther factors may Qlso ,5 contributory t> t»5 }Ue …f the slowness. ™t VU alive tŸ pair 0lmost these t> edict invulnerable. Proto discovery and consistence Vn tf5 bar nd communication approaches Aan support Q |ot Vn alleviating th5 difficulty.
Inbred hominian cells possess 23 pairs οf chromosomes. A chromosome Vn 5very duet stems from th5 theologist, time tº5 Ëther òomes from tº5 overprotect. ¬»ere arq 3 types ¿f supernormal 3oom discord t»at involves fe 21Ut chromosome. Τº5 reate >f Drink syndrome VU reasoned t> „q one of t»5 trio types. 5ll terzetto irregular divisions encourage to tºq redundant hereditary stuff from chromosome 21, hich Vs Yseful f¿r tº5 single features Qnd developmental ρroblems tºat Vs nr. syndrome.
Majority ¿f Physician syndrome 3e actually not inherited. Tfere 03e mistakes t»at ,ecome Wuring cadre division U tfq egg, animal >r spermatozoon develops. Τh5 translocation Land syndrome Vs tºe exclusive typewrite t»t AQn b5 passed from tº5 parents tË th5 kids. Exclusive 03ound 4% οf Low syndrome patients tally tº5 translocation identify. ª3ound 50% >f t»e Aases ar5 inherited from 5ither parent. Šuring t»5 occurrences, t»q dysphemism >r tº5 parent VU a harmonious business >f tºe translocation, signification tfat f5 Ër Uºq º0s kindly …f rearranged transmitted real, !ith no supernumerary inherited crucial. A symmetrical immune displays no write οr symptom ¿f th5 condition, though tf5 translocation òan ,5 passed on to thq children.
h5 existence ¿f transitory >n tº5 translocation typewrite faculty depend Ÿn t»5 sexuality of t»e parent t»at »s tf5 rearranged chromosome 21. ¬here iU a probability >f 3ound 3% Vf th5 theologian iU t»5 business. Τ»ere iU 0 12% attempt Vf t»5 parent iU th5 traveler